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About Us

Let’s be honest: It is not really about us. It is about you, your loved ones, and good times. Yes, we are proud to call ourselves a small local business with strong ties to the community around us. We are also excited about bringing the biggest and best inflatables/sliders/bouncers to this area, so nobody can tell us that, in a small city, we don’t have access to the good stuff.


But our main concern is to provide the families in town, your families, with the best entertainment equipment available in the market. So you can throw a party like it is meant to be. No more “we don’t get those in Ouachita Parish” or “you can only find those in Orlando.” From now on, you will get the best sliders/bouncers/inflatables, brought to you by Monroe Jumpers.

But enough about Monroe Jumpers. Why don’t you send us an email at sales@MonroeJumpers.com or call us at 318.405.1600 and let us know what you will like to see in your next party? And if you will, drop us a comment on Facebook (MonroeJumpers, LLC). Until then, thanks for visiting the site and see you at your next party!