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We Got Your Back!

Your kid reminds you that, in a few weeks, her birthday is coming up. You start stressing because, as busy as you are, you need to worry about whom to invite, places to rent, drinks, gifts… sound familiar?

At Monroe Jumpers, we want to take some of the burden of your shoulders; we want to help you make the party a success.

Gifts Will Be Forgotten

How many times have you struggles to give her the perfect present for her birthday, and realized, after a few weeks, that she has become bored with the doll or her new book? Gifts are no longer the answer to a perfect celebration.

Nowadays, kids crave memorable experiences. They want to experience memories that can be enjoyed, shared, and remembered for a long time. And that is where we come in to the rescue: by renting one of our water sliders, or any of our themed inflatables, you will be creating a memorable experience she will never forget.

She will share that experience with her friends, having the time of her life, and making you look like a hero, without breaking the bank.

Budgets Matter

You want to take her to Disney for every birthday, a trip to Europe, or to the beaches in Hawaii. But you understand those trips happen far and between; taking your family to one of those places can cost you over $10,000.

You want to give her an unforgettable experience. Yes, but within a budget. By letting MonroeJumpers create those wonderful memories, you will save thousands of dollars. And you will bring a piece of Disney home (Mickey slider) with a touch of the beach (water sliders). What a combo!

Beyond Birthday Parties

Once you have experienced the fun with inflatables and water sliders, you will start making up excuses to have celebrations at home: Labor Day, Fourth of July, the beginning of the Summer, a ULM winning record, another LSU National Title… you get the point. Pick up the phone today and call us to see how we can help you create your next MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE.

Size Matters

I know. Lately, you have been told otherwise; however, size really matters. And we offer you THE BIGGEST inflatables in Ouachita Parish. Don’t even compare; if you can find a bigger one in the parish, for rent, we will purchase a bigger one. Period.

You Are The Hero

Meet Vickie, a regular mother of two, who struggles all year round with work, endless home chores, children recitals, soccer games, an ungrateful boss… Rushing and stressing, trying to get lunch ready for the kids, helping with their homework, educating them, fighting with them… You get the picture. It seems like, no matter how much she does, everything seems like a continuous battle with her kids, who do not seem to appreciate all she does.

Last month, Vickie started planning for one her kid’s birthday. She did not really want to do the same as every year –grilling burguer and inviting a few friends over for a movie and some popcorn-. So she decided to do something special this year. But what? A trip to Disney was too expensive, renting a gym in town was such a hassle… She finally became frustrated and gave up.

Until a friend from work, worried about Vickie’s stress levels and frustration, asked her to check out MonroeJumpers.com.

Vickie gave herself one last chance. So, she visited MonroeJumpers.com and… BOOM! She realized “That was the perfect solution!” Water sliders, inflatables, or bouncers in the yard? That will definitely make her kids say “WOW! Awesome!”

The following day Vickie rented our biggest slider (see picture here).

The party turned a success, the kids and her friends jumped until dark, and guess what? The smiles on her kids’ faces could not have been louder: “Mommy, mommy, we love you! Thank you for the best party ever!” Vickie, the regular mother of two, had become her kids’ hero.

Be your kid’s hero on your next party!